Let's be remarkable.

Welcome to the family. We are so excited to get know you better and for you to get to know me! I'm writing my first public blogpost for YOU. from my Brooklyn apartment.

I'm in my kitchen, gazing out my window at the Williamsburg bridge. The heat is softly stemming from my radiator nestled just under my kitchen window. It's the only one in my apartment that is working so I spend most crisp days nestled here.

I'm sure you can agree that this year has been filled with incredible disappointment and distress but also great hope for liberation. Through all of it, I was able to find a bit of hope and peace through something so simple, regular affirmations. One day, I sat down, did a bit of research, and started writing things like "I have peace", "I am remarkably made.", "I have a future filled with HOPE.". Then I gathered up some cardboard from rice boxes that I needed to recycle, cut out some pieces, and began to paint! I painted these little affirmation cards and adorned my apartment with them - on my fridge, mirror, desk, microwave, everywhere! Afterall, I'm nestled in here everyday all day so why not fill it with
positivity. I thought - Maybe it would change my mood or at least put an occasional smile on my face. To my surprise, and my enjoyment it did! I also write affirmations regularly in my journal and generally try to dwell on positive thoughts more often.

I've found that the power of our mind and the words you use are incredibly underrated. We have to actively direct our imaginations
in a positive direction, so that we can be filled with joy and live out our greatest potential. So here I am finally opening up to you in hopes to share a bit about myself and to learn a bit from you. We don't have to be alone on this journey because we can find strength and motivation through each other.

I find creativity as a source of passion and joy. It not only brings light to your own life but to everyone that encounters it. It's amazing in that way and I hope that you find joy and inspiration in everything (well, at least some things) that I share. And even more so, I hope that it inspires you to pass it forward.

Keeping our creativity to ourselves is special
but sharing it can be remarkable
for our community.

If you also have a creative passion (everyone does, yes you too!) and would like to connect, please share in the comments below. I'd love to feature you on our
Instagram and perhaps even collaborate!

Remember, you're beautiful.

With admiration,

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